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Announcement to participate in youth initiatives. The priority is for women’s initiatives.

The grant amount is (800) US $

Within the framework of peacebuilding tools development and social cohesion Project, funded by SAFERWORLD.

Youth Organization for Development and Democracy announces, for active initiatives in peace in Taiz governorate, for those wishing to submit a proposal to implement activities aimed to activate teaching aids specialized peace, which was produced by Youth Organization for Development and Democracy within a previous activity and distributed to 20 secondary schools in three directorates (Hall – Al Mudhaffar – Cairo ).

Proposed activities to activate these aids must be implemented in cooperation with teachers in those twenty schools who have been trained by the Youth Organization for Development and Democracy in how to use them.

To submit activities’ proposals, kindly send a funding request with the initiative CV file including initiative members number, specifying their gender to the e-mail

Funding request should include the following: –

  • Clear and detailed activities, with an accurate and precise implementation mechanism for each activity.
  • Ensure activities sustainability throughout the academic year.
  • An action plan, which is specified for a full month.
  • Budget for activities implementation costs.
  • Expected risks and solutions.
  • A clear plan for documenting activities.

Submission deadline is 3 October 2020.

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