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Conclusion discussion sessions and films review on peace and coexistence.

Yesterday evening 30 December 2021, discussion sessions on films produced by the distinguished students of the Media Department at Taiz University were concluded. Discussion sessions came as a part of promoting peace opportunities through media institutions project activities funded by the GIZ and implemented by the Youth Organization for Development and Democracy. It is worth noting here that the 30 distinguished students of the Media Department had undergone a series of intensive training in script-writing, directing, photography and editing during a previous period of this project implementation. The trainees formed six teams at the level of each directorate. They produced six short films about issues that threaten peace and peaceful coexistence in their six directorates targeted by the project. They used the media lab’s equipments, which was equipped by the project for the media department at the Faculty of Arts- Taiz University during the last period of the project implementation. During December, the six teams presented films and discussed them in discussion sessions in the six districts in Taiz governorate (Cairo, Al Mudhaffar, Al Misrakh, Sabr Al Muwadim, Salh, and Mashra`a Wahdan), at a rate of three sessions with the community in each district.

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