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conclusion of the local initiatives’ working in the peace field workshop in Taiz.

Youth Organization for Development and Democracy concluded today, Sunday, 08/30/2020, the workshop on initiatives working in the field of peace using the guide of local initiatives and organizations in peacebuilding, which lasted for two days.
The participants expressed their satisfaction, as the workshop was an opportunity for these initiatives to learn about all past experiences and new ideas to help them in designing effective projects in the field of peacebuilding and peaceful coexistence.
The workshop participants came up with work plans for the most prominent local issues in Taiz, which must be focused on by initiatives works. Those issues raise the conflicts, and threaten the local social cohesion, to play a major role in preventing and resolving violent conflicts, building peace, and giving a true model for peaceful coexistence and the community peacebuilding process between the people of the governorate; regardless of their different classes, sects, and political affiliations.

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