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Displaced integratation and improving the health status of host communities project in Taiz.

Supporting IDPs project, funded by the German government through GIZ.
Implementation period: 6 months during 2019
Targeted areas: – Taiz Governorate in the following districts and regions:
Directorate of Al-Ta’iziyah: Al-Mudhudh Al-Qal’a – Al-Muddoudh Al-Rang Factory – around Al-Dahha – Petra – Wadi Ahmad – the lower balcony – Al-Qahf Al-Olaya – Al-Qahf Al-Sofla – Al-Mostahlek- the upper balcony.
Damnah Khadir: Saadah Junction – Al Kanab – Ghurab – District Center – the beginning of the Warzan line – Al Zailai – next to Omar Al Mukhtar School – Governmental Complex – Al Dammana Market – the entrance to the city of Damana.
Mawyia : Al Sharman Market, Sharaf Mosque, Al Daery, Al-Sa’la, Jabala Market, the main line – behind the shops – Al-Suwayda Market, the main street – Al-Dhalea line – the district center, the main street – next to the post office – Faqaa.

The project aims to address the problem of social isolation of displaced and their lack of integration into the host community, through adopting steps that contribute to the interaction of the displaced with the issues and challenges of the host community, such as hygiene problem and their playing a vital role in solving it side by side with the host community. That may create a kind of societal acceptance of the presence of the displaced on one hand. They will also be integrated into society through awareness campaigns in which the displaced will participate to educate society about hygiene issues. This project also greatly contributed to improve the living conditions of those displaced families, or even from the host community participating in the activity in particular. It will also contribute to improve health and environmental situation in the region in general through the following activities:

Activities implemented: –

  • The project implemented 30 cleaning campaigns in 30 neighborhoods with a high density of displaced persons, where the implementation of those campaigns was 90 young men and women from the displaced (30 females and 60 males), and 75 from the host community, among them (25 females and 50 males) with a total of 165 young men And young lady.
  • The project also supplied 7 of the targeted areas with 7 drums for garbage collection, in order to ensure the assistance of the Cleaning Fund, and improvement to continue cleaning campaigns after the end of the project.
  • The project also built the capacity of 12 young men and women, 6 of the displaced and 6 of the host community in three directorates, in the field of environmental cleanliness awareness. It also provided them with job opportunities through their awareness campaigns.
    The project implemented 30 awareness campaigns about hygiene in the targeted areas, benefiting 1000 beneficiaries.
    The project distributed 1000 awareness brochures to targeted families from the awareness campaigns in the implementation areas, benefiting approximately 7000 people.

Governmental agencies assisting in project implementation:
The Cleaning and Improvement Fund in Taiz Governorate represented by the national engineer / Ghazi Ahmed Ali, who facilitated the project’s work in the targeted districts. One of those facilities is sending letters to directors of directorates to cooperate in implementing the project. He also played a major role in transporting the collected waste from the three directorates to the governorate’s main landfill. In addition to direct supervision of the implementation, attendance, and launch of cleaning campaigns in the targeted districts.

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