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Signing of a memorandum of understanding between YODD and Faculty of Arts, Taiz University.

Within the project of promoting peace opportunities through media institutions, funded by GIZ, YODD signed a memorandum of understanding with the Faculty of Arts, Taiz University, represented by Prof. Dr. Nabilah Al-Sharjabi. The project will target students in the media department in the directorates (Salh, Al-Mudhaffar, Al-Qahera, Sabr Al-Mawadim, Mashra’a and Hdnan, and the Al-Misrakh district in Taiz governorate.
Before the agreement signing, many coordination meetings brought together between the organization’s executive director, the project manager, with the deanship of the faculty, the administrative body, and specialists in the faculty of Arts and Media Department to facilitate implementation and determine the faculty contribution to implement the project. Specialists in the faculty of Arts, led by the Deanship of the faculty, showed all needed facilities for the project implementation. They also added that this project will achieve success to serve students of the Media Department at a high level. The project aims to promote peacebuilding through media products and design a long-term cooperative mechanism in media training to promote peacebuilding in Taiz Governorate by building the capacities of students of Taiz University – Media Department. Besides, it aims to equip the media lab in the faculty of Art and many associated activities. The project will continue for six months, starting by March 2021.

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