Youth Organization for Development and Democracy launches 5 training workshops for Media Department students at Taiz University…

Aseel Al-Shar’abi/Media Department

Today, Tuesday, July 13, the Youth Organization for Development and Democracy, in partnership with the Faculty of Arts – Taiz University, launched a project of 5 training workshops. Training workshops aim to build the capacities of 30 male and female students from the Department of Media at Taiz University.

This project comes within the framework of promoting peace opportunities through media institutions and with funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the European Union (EU).

The inauguration was attended by the Executive Director of the Youth Organization for Development and Democracy, Professor Basheer Al-Toba’i, Dr. Ahmed Al-‘Ameri, Vice Dean of the College of Arts for Academic Affairs, and Head of the Media Department at Taiz University, Dr. Abdul Hakim Makarim.

The meeting was opened by Dr. Ahmed Al-‘Ameri, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs at the College of Arts, with a speech in which he greeted the audience and stressed the college’s keenness on such initiatives and providing all possible facilities. Dr. Al-‘Ameri conveyed the greetings of Prof. Dr. Nabeela Al-Sharjabi, Dean of the College, and concluded his speech by thanking those in charge of this project.

In the meeting, the head of the media department, Dr. Abdel Hakim Makarem, praised the efforts made by the organization to ensure the success of the project, which would qualify the students and provide them with all experiences they need in the labor market, noting at the same time that the project comes in light of the students’ need for practical skills in line with the continuous development in Media.

In addition, the Executive Director of the organization, Mr. Basheer Al-Toba’i, explained that the project aims to enhance opportunities for peace and peaceful coexistence through media materials that students of the Media Department at Taiz University will work on in conjunction with the training workshops starting from July to August of 2021.

Toba’i added: “We seek to strengthen the role of the media department at Taiz University, as well as local radio stations, to enhance opportunities for peace and peaceful coexistence, in addition, to building the capacities of media students to confront hatred and intolerance in the directorates targeted by the project.”

He continued, “We have coordinated and worked with the College of Arts to adapt the vocabulary of the conflict-sensitive journalism guide in the curricula of the Media Department for different academic levels.” Pointing out at the same time that a media center has been prepared through which the students targeted in the project will work to produce targeted information materials that serve the peacebuilding project and spread the culture of coexistence and social peace.

In this context, Mr. Basheer Al-Toba’i stressed that the project seeks to develop the capabilities of distinguished students in five areas: conflict-sensitive journalism, photography, and montage, in addition to the scriptwriting and directing as a first step to produce awareness films on peace and coexistence based on the problems found in the targeted directorates, adding that supporting the distinguished initiatives of the students of the Department The media is to contribute to resolving conflicts in those directorates.

Earlier, six training workshops on conflict-sensitive journalism were implemented, which included 90 male and female students from the Media Department at Taiz University.

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